CSULB on iTunes U is a true community effort. Pioneering faculty members from disciplines across the academic spectrum have created a fledgling program with over 100 initial podcast episodes that offer students supplemental classroom materials. There are also podcasts that are intended to benefit faculty members.

These CSULB podcast pioneers encourage their colleagues to join the fun. There is nothing to know beyond the lessons you wish to share with your students, your colleagues and the world. AVP Don Gardner is offering the services of the Office of Academic Technology to make this as easy as possible. Start by exploring what is already available. Generally, you will find three types of podcasts. Some of the most popular podcasts are simple audio lessons, like short radio reports. Other podcasts include synchronized power point slides and are referred to as "enhanced podcasts." Video podcasts are also very popular.

To get started with your own podcast contact Walter Gajewski or Leslie Kennedy .

We will be posting instructions here on how you can create your own podcasts for inclusion in CSULB on iTunes U:

In the meantime, we have resources on line that can help you with various academic technologies.