Podcasters, Unite!

CSULB on iTunes U is truly a community effort. On this page we recognize faculty members who have authored the podcasts listed at CSULB on iTunes U. Click on a silhouette to go directly to that person's podcast.

Podcasters Hall of fame

Michelle Saint-Germain, Public Policy used her pre-existing Power Point presentations to create the podcast "Assessment Quickies," popular with faculty members from across the United States.

Alicia Doyle of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music used her Apple computer to create "Writing about Music." This podcast offers screen shots of the CSULB COAST system along with Alicia's narration.

Nancy Gardner produces "Chemistry Lab Procedures." The American Chemical Society invited Nancy and Walter Gajewski to address their annual convention in New Orleans in the Spring of 2008.

Sarah Vinci is the Public Relations and Publications Director for the University Art Museum. Sarah's video tours offer a review of each museum installation, including comments by the featured artist.

CSULB librarian Tracey Mayfield has been quite busy producing several video podcasts about the on line database system as well as podcasts that help our students navigate COAST, the on line catalog.

Paul Boyd-Batstone is a faculty member in the College of Education. His original musical is offered as a free resource to be produced by primary school educators and their students.

Journalism professor Danny Paskin is a real man of letters. His Journalism 340 and 440 students are developing cyber-journalism survival skills.

Thomas O'Brien is Director of Research at the Center for International Trade and Transportation here at CSULB. His expertise contributes to the monthly episodes of ContainerCast.

Mat Kaplan is Senior Director of Technology and Development for the College of Continuing and Professional Development. Mat puts his radio skills to good use producing ContainerCast.

Dr. George Kuck enjoys watching his grandsons play baseball when he's not teaching CSULB Physics 112. Click on his silhouette to go directly to his popular and entertaining at-home experiments.

Behind the Scenes Podcasters

Besides authoring the "Tech Tips" and "Techs in the City" podcasts, Walter Gajewski is the main point of contact for CSULB faculty members who want to contribute to the CSULB on iTunes U effort. Direct your questions to Walter Gajewski.

Stafford Cox continues to offer his assistance as an expert in statistical analysis. In addition to dispensing advice on SPSS, SAS and MiniTab, he does the media production for the Physics 112 podcast authored by Dr. George Kuck.

Before Jorge Hurtado got involved with the design of the graphic elements for CSULB on iTUnes U, people were being kind when they described what we already had as "ugly." Thanks to Jorge, we now have what has been described as "the best looking iTunes U in the collection." Thanks Jorge. It looks great.

Leslie Kennedy found time in her busy schedule as Director of Instructional Technology Support Services to initiate discussions with Apple that resulted in CSULB on iTunes U. She took a very "hands on" approach, helping to design the basic structure of CSULB on iTunes U. She also convinced Apple to hold their state-wide training seminar on the CSULB campus.

Student assistant Sri Keshav Raju Macharla has been helping faculty members create their podcasts. He recorded the voice of Michelle Saint-Germain and synchronized it to her Power Point slides to produce her podcast "Assessment Quickies."

As a film major, Joni McNeill was the videographer and editor for Nancy Gardner's video podcast, "Chemistry Lab Procedures." Since graduating, she continues to gain experience as a respected Hollywood professional.